About Mestre Dilaho


Mestre Dilaho

Mestre Dilaho is from Itabuna, in the Brazilain state of Bahia.   Mestre Dilaho has been teaching Capoeira for 30 years and is respected in Capoeira circles around the world for his technique and knowledge.  His mentors are Mestre Suassuna of Itabuna, Brazil; Mestre Medicina of Itabuna, Brazil; and Mestre Balão of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

His teaching philosophy is centred around pushing each student to reach their new limits.  He is passionate about Capoeira as an art and believes that everyone has something to gain from training Capoeira, whether that be physically, emotionally, cognitively or socially.  Capoeira is for everyone.

Mestre Dilaho coordinates all work related to CTE Capoeiragem group throughout the south of Bahia, including social projects and charity work through capoeira. He has participated and taught workshops in capoeira conferences, festivals, and batizados throughout the United States, and in various countries including France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Israel and Mexico.


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